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08/03/10 01:34 PM #1    

Gregg Happe

Welcome to the South Charleston High School Class Of 1963 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/30/10 06:27 PM #2    


William "Skip" Young

anyone know how to reach Terry Ogden or Barbara Bastian?

10/13/10 04:07 PM #3    


David Andrews

To June's Post below:  June, you have a gift for expressing just the right feelings that so many of us have.  I echo your compliments for Gregg - this is one of the best little sites I've had the pleasure of participating in (and it even has more useful bells and whistles than most).  I, too, have enjoyed trying to re-connect with some old friends and also feel ashamed that there are so many people who appear to have rich lives full of great experiences whom I never got to know while in high school.  This is certainly starting to bring back a lot of great memories from the past.  Hello again to all our classmates - let's get back in touch!

P.S., to Skip:  Wish I knew where Terry and Barbara are these days, but sadly, I don't.  In any event, I hope things are going great for you, drop me a note if you can.

10/17/10 01:06 PM #4    

Jon White

I'm amazed at all of the classmates who were born in October and all who have been engaged in education at all levels.  I encourage all of us to keep in touch on this incredible website that Gregg Happe has designed for us!

10/18/10 10:15 PM #5    


Hope Heaster (Conerly)

 I ditto that. This web site is the best thing since sliced bread.

Jon, Jan. and Feb. in W.Va. are always very, very cold. Thus, you will see a lot of Oct. and November birthdays! 

10/18/10 10:28 PM #6    


Glenn Thomas

Hi to all,

     Congrats to Lynda, Greg and June for a marvelous website. I saw pictures of myself I haven't seen for years. Don't know where my yearbook and class pictures are anymore. Brings back so many memories.


               Glenn Thomas

08/25/11 01:29 PM #7    


Charaleen Swisher (Wright)

South Charleston will always be my ‘home’ but sometimes feels like it's a million miles away. 

It seems like since Mother passed away in March, I've had this yearning to make connections with my past.  Some of you might remember that she was the dental hygienist who would visit your classroom and examine everyone's teeth.   She would give a tooth-brushing demonstration with a huge set of plastic teeth and toothbrush.  One of the purposes of those visits was to make sure any child who needed dental care and couldn't afford it, would be referred to a clinic.  I remember her making home visits to those kids to follow up on their care.  Most of them were very poor and lived in the 'hollers and hills'.

Mother and Daddy met each other at Rock Lake Pool where they both worked. They subsequently fell in love and then married. Rock Lake Pool was always a memorable recreational activity for my family and friends for so many years. If you haven’t seen this and are also far from ‘home’, I'd like to share this with you - If you can't open the link, copy and paste it in a new browser or Google ‘Rock Lake Pool’. Enjoy. C

11/26/11 10:25 PM #8    


Mary Fowler (Johnson)

I just enrolled here and find that it is a great website.  I have not been attending the reunions.  I have missed seeing some old friends that have passed on.  I am not sure how many of you remember me, however.  I worked at the Black Eagle for awhile during high school.   I still have my old yearbook from Spring Hill Junior High and my old yearbook from SCHS.   I have an assortment of photos that I need to copy for this website.   Looking forward to catching up on old times.  I enjoyed the website showing Rock Lake Pool.  I remember it much fun!  I did not get to go much.  I had a big family of six sisters and four brothers.  It was a real treat to go there.

04/06/12 04:09 PM #9    

Shelia Pauley (Wood)

This is Shelia Pauley Wood. As far as I know I am still alive. Mistake somewhere. LOL

04/09/12 12:08 PM #10    


Charaleen Swisher (Wright)

Oh, Shelia!

This is the best news I've had in a long, long time!  When I read your note, my heart leapt with joy!


06/03/12 08:48 PM #11    


Barbara Bastian (Stewart)

Rose Merrill Covey, South Charleston, WV. She passed 5/30/12 from cancer.

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