Edward Murtha

Profile Updated: November 4, 2010
Edward Murtha
Residing In: Dallas, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Karen
Occupation: Retired Secret Service Agent
Children: 1 son teaching in Florida
1 step daughter living in Virginia
1 step son living in California
Military Service: US Army  
Class Year 1963
Yes! Attending Reunion

Two weeks after HS graduation my family moved to Chateauroux, France. While there I worked at the Air Force Base Post Office and health club while attending The University of Maryland night school. Seeing France and Italy was good . . . living around the Air Force was not.

Moved back to the states in 1965 and the Draft Board came calling so I did 2 years in the Army. Spent a year in Vietnam where I worked in the communication center as a teletype/crypto operator. I didn't shoot any little brown people and they didn't shoot me. I am good with that!

In 1969 I struck out for California and worked my way through Riverside City College and California State Polytechnic University. College wasn't easy as I spent my years at SCHS looking out the window and day dreaming about . . . who knows what. California livin' was good!

In 1975 I hired on as a Border Patrol Agent. As a kid I played cowboys and Indians and the BP is cowboys and Mexicans. I spent a year running up and down the hills around Jacumba and Tecate, California. Learned some Spanish but all in all it was the worst job I ever had.

In 1976 I was commissioned as a Special Agent in the US Secret Service. What a job!!! I spent my career protecting Presidents, Kings, Queens, the Pope, presidential candidates and more than a few dictators. Once in a while I'd lock up some "nogoodski" who thought he had a constitutional right to print his own green backs. "Lotsa" travel in the US and overseas.

I retired in 1996 and Karen retired as a Vice President at Bank of American in 2001. I don't want to get into talking about waistlines; but I still have my teeth but not much of my hair! All in all life has been good to us!